What changes lives? Stories do.

There is someone with a wound the exact shape of your words

and it will be those words that help them heal.

That’s Powerful.


The abolone shell is hidden under a black mussel. Apparently, the abolone is a delicious steak to the Maori people of New Zealand and the shell, it has captivated me since childhood…

Writing a manuscript is a major undertaking. It can be an overwhelming and take more than a year to see a finished product. While it is certainly worth doing, there are other ways to share your message more quickly with the same impact. It is through what we now commonly call the ebook. The first electronic book was created in 1971, but Simon & Schuster changed its trajectory in 1999 with their digital imprint. Ebooks rose to real popularity beginning in early 2000’s and have been a growing sensation ever since.

By ebook I mean, digital books typically providing a population with specific ‘how to’ information. They are for educational purposes and solve problems in a particular niche. For example, if you are a dentist and would like to help your client base take better care of their dental implants between visits, you may consider a deep dive into this topic.

The project size can vary, however these are typically between 20-80 pages. They can provide practitioners like naturopaths, medical doctors, nutritionists, physical therapists, veteranarians, counselors etc., with passive income streams. With the advent of Amazon’s self publishing channels the market was put in the hands of the individual. Now, anyone can publish a book and sell it with some success.

Not that everyone should. Especially without assistance. There are still major considerations like cover design, book formatting, beta readers, proofreading, fact checking, line edits and marketing. However, if you have a message, story or cause worth sharing it’s important to find a way to bring it to the world.


Writing an ebook is a creative process. Like pottery or sculpture, it takes shape over time and requires skill, time and know-how. With professional guidance from someone who has become an expert in this field, you can trust a well researched, organized and thoughtful approach to your project.

Investment is determined by size and duration of a project. The base rate is $5,000 and can range up to $25,000. For full manuscript projects please email with your inquiry and a brief description of your project.

The Storyography Approach


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Reclaiming Your Inner Hero

Ceremonial Death

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Narrative Journey

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Ritual Dialogue

Intuitive Coaching

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We will get back to you with a link to schedule a consultation to further discuss your idea and determine if a collaboration is beneficial for everyone. We accept a select number of ebooks each month and choose to work with experts in their field with a compelling message to share.