“The most writerly of all the pieces we read!”
— Anna Sophia Watts, Penguin Random House Editor
I interviewed seven writers, none of them possessed the knowledge, energy, creativity, curiosity and enthusiasm that I found in Drea. I recommend her highly and without reservation. She is intelligent, knowledgeable, creative, personable, organized and tenacious. She will bring energy and vision to any project she is involved with!
— Dr. Lowenstein, Human Holistics
Drea is an exceptional writer and human. She has an uncanny ability to translate into content, the essential message her clients are wanting to portray to the public. I am deeply grateful I came across her work. The world needs her magic!”
— Karey Baker, LMP
“Drea has told a rare story and with such reverence. Her voice as a writer is one that can stretch the imagination and delight the senses!”
— Dr. J Clingan
“Drea has a way with words, that’s obvious. Her talent is incredible. I have never been so hungry in my life!”
— Josie Daims, Chef
An uncanny ability to write about complicated subjects in a manner that is clear and accessible to all audiences. the subject of which will help to bring a difficult and controversial subject in the medical community to the forefront of the debate on appropriate care and treating patients holistically.
— Marieke Slovin, PhD
I have no doubt that any task Drea sets her mind to will be one that she throws her entire being and heart into. I heartily recommend her work!
— Judith Kind, CEO
You are quite the wordsmith. I’d hire you any day of the week!”
— Steve Itterly, Musician